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SubjectRe: Linux Support for Thunderbolt using Apple Monitor
Greg KH [Wed, May 02, 2012 at 01:25:09PM -0700]:
> Thunderbolt should show up to the kernel just as a "normal" PCIE link,
> so there shouldn't be anything special we need to do to handle this at
> all (or at least my Intel contacts said that.)

Well, at least from my lspci point of view (before/after disconnect same
output), this seems to be wrong (no dmesg output as well).

Additionally as far as I understand
thunderbolt, it's bundling display port and pci-e into a single channel,
so I'm not sure if this is 100% transparent pci-e + displayport from our

Or, the better question is probably: How should Linux realise that there
is a change (apple monitor with ethernet, usb, co. plugged in) going on?

> Note, I haven't tested this yet, so I can't verify it, but if you have
> the hardware, you should be able to.

I can test stuff here, but would be thankful for a round of pointers on
how to debug / approach this.



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