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SubjectRe: Linux Support for Thunderbolt using Apple Monitor

Greg KH [Thu, May 03, 2012 at 08:35:47AM -0700]:
> [...]
> How about if you load the acpiphp module instead? Some BIOSes use that
> instead of pciehp.
> You need one of those drivers in order for this to work properly.
> Also, speaking of BIOS, make sure you have the latest updates, there
> were a lot of initial problems with Thunderbolt hotplug issues that were
> fixed in newer BIOS versions, so that will be required to be updated.

I'm confused - to which BIOS are you referring to? I understood that
Apple's Mac Book Air has its custom "similar to EFI" (*) code and not a
traditional BIOS in place.



(*) Which would also be interesting to replace with something like

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