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SubjectRe: [PATCH] STA2X11 CAN: CAN driver for the STA2X11 board
> Thanks for your contribution. At a first glance, this driver looks
> similar to the pch_can and the c_can driver. It seems that a C_CAN based
> controller is used on that board as well. If that's true, it should be
> handled by the C_CAN driver. To get ride of the obsolete pch_can driver,
> I sent some time ago the patch "[RFC/PATCH] c_can: add driver for the
> PCH CAN controller":
> I could serve as base of a generic c_can_pci driver.

You are right, this is a C-CAN but it isn't specified on the board manual.
I compared the board manual with the Bosch C-CAN manual, and it is the same.
I'm working on a PCI module for this board, when it is ready we can think for
a generic c_can_pci

Thank you

Federico Vaga
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