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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/16] vfs: atomic open v4 (part 1)
David Howells <> writes:

> I've been looking at your patches when they're all applied, and I suspect
> you're missing some security calls.
> For instance, in lookup_open(), you call security_path_mknod() prior to
> calling vfs_create(), but you don't call it prior to calling atomic_open() or
> in, say, nfs_atomic_open().

We call security_path_mknod() before ->atomic_open() in may_o_create().

> You do need to, however, though I can see it's
> difficult to work out where. Is it possible to call it if O_CREAT is
> specified and d_inode is NULL right before calling atomic_open()?
> I'm also wondering if you're missing an audit_inode() call in the if (created)
> path after the retry_lookup label.

There's no audit_inode() on the created dentry neither in the original
code nor in the modified code.

But that may be a bug regardless, it's just independent of my changes.
At least AFAICS.


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