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    SubjectRe: 3.4+ tty lockdep trace
    > Applying Ming's patch over Alan's 2 patches from yesterday, I'm still
    > seeing two lockdep warnings. Full trace attached.

    In that code path we've just succesfully done

    tty_lock_pair(tty, o_tty)

    (no warning issued)

    We've then called into tty_ldisc_release which has done

    tty_unlock_pair(tty, o_tty);

    and then

    tty_lock_pair(tty, o_tty);

    which can't error unless our locking hosed

    and at that point we then then do a recursive

    tty_ldisc_release(o_tty, NULL)

    which embarrassingly already has a comment above it I put there saying

    /* This will need doing differently if we need to lock */

    Let me go rewrite that particular routine to make sense with the
    locking in place.

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