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    Subject[-next regression] TCP window full with EPOLLWAKEUP

    a bisection shows that with the following commit from -next:
    commit 4d7e30d98939a0340022ccd49325a3d70f7e0238
    Author: Arve Hjønnevåg <>
    Date: Tue May 1 21:33:34 2012 +0200

    epoll: Add a flag, EPOLLWAKEUP, to prevent suspend while epoll
    events are ready


    one of mono programs I use stops receiving data from the network.
    Wireshark shows that the TCP window of a connection is filled. This
    means the program does not read the data fast enough after requesting
    the data.

    If I revert that commit on the top of -next (20120518), everything works
    as expected.

    suse labs

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