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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/08] mach-shmobile: Emma Mobile EV2 support V3
Hi Magnus,

I have tested these patches on top of the soc-new branch of
rafael's renesas tree, revision 5658c94, which is based on

I also have the cherry picked following patches before applying your patches.

serial8250-em: clk_get() IS_ERR() error handling fix
serial8250-em: Emma Mobile UART driver V2
serial8250: Introduce serial8250_register_8250_port()
serial8250: Clean up default map and dl code
serial8250: Use dl_read()/dl_write() on RM9K
serial8250: Use dl_read()/dl_write() on Alchemy
serial8250: Add dl_read()/dl_write() callbacks
8250.c: less than 2400 baud fix.
serial/8250_pci: Clear FIFOs for Intel ME Serial Over Lan device on BI
tegra, serial8250: add ->handle_break() uart_port op
clocksource: em_sti: Add DT support
clocksource: em_sti: Emma Mobile STI driver V2
clockevents: Make clockevents_config() a global symbol

I have added the follwing patch of yours

gpio: Emma Mobile GPIO driver V2

And one of my own, which just fixes a build problem
in rafael's tree.

ARM: mach-types: Manually add KZM-A9-GT

On Wed, May 16, 2012 at 03:44:49PM +0900, Magnus Damm wrote:
> mach-shmobile: Emma Mobile EV2 support V3
> [PATCH 01/08] mach-shmobile: Emma Mobile EV2 SoC base support V3

Tested-by: Simon Horman <>

> [PATCH 02/08] ARM: Undelete KZM9D mach-type V3

I did not need this patch with the base I am using,
so I did not test it.

Reviewed-by: Simon Horman <>

> [PATCH 03/08] mach-shmobile: KZM9D board support V3

Tested-by: Simon Horman <>

> [PATCH 04/08] mach-shmobile: Emma Mobile EV2 SMP support V3

Tested-by: Simon Horman <>

> [PATCH 05/08] mach-shmobile: Emma Mobile EV2 GPIO support V3

I am only seeing interripts for em_gio.0, is there a
way to exercise em_gio.1 .. 4 ?

Duplicate names for interrupts, that is
each of em_gio.0..4 have two entries in /proc/interripts.
Is this intentional?

99: 32 0 GIC em_gio.0
100: 0 0 GIC em_gio.0
101: 0 0 GIC em_gio.1
102: 0 0 GIC em_gio.1
103: 0 0 GIC em_gio.2
104: 0 0 GIC em_gio.2
105: 0 0 GIC em_gio.3
106: 0 0 GIC em_gio.3
107: 0 0 GIC em_gio.4
108: 0 0 GIC em_gio.4
157: 35952 0 GIC em_sti.0

> [PATCH 06/08] mach-shmobile: KZM9D board Ethernet support V3

Tested-by: Simon Horman <>

> [PATCH 07/08] mach-shmobile: Emma Mobile EV2 DT support V3

I applied this and the resulting kernel booted.

> [PATCH 08/08] mach-shmobile: Use DT_MACHINE for KZM9D V3

I applied this and the resulting kernel did not boot.
I saw nothing after the uboot prompt..

Lastly, could you consider suppling a patch which provides a defconfig?

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