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SubjectRe: [RFC/PATCH 0/5] Delete microchannel [CONFIG_MCA] support
On Thu, 2012-05-17 at 12:40 -0400, Paul Gortmaker wrote:
> It was good that we could support MCA machines back in the day, but
> realistically, nobody is using them anymore. They were limited to
> 386-sx 16MHz CPU and some 486 class machines and never more than 64MB
> of RAM.

This is complete rubbish. The MCA machines go up to 686 class with up
to 4GB of memory (admittedly, this is with the NCR MCA extensions).

> Even the enthusiast hobbyist community seems to have dried up
> close to ten years ago, based on what you can find searching various
> websites dedicated to the relatively short lived hardware.

Well, it's used in obsolete systems, yes. It wasn't really that short
lived, since it did penetrate quite widely for a while before EISA and
eventually PCI took over.

> So lets remove the support relating to CONFIG_MCA. There is no point
> carrying this forward, wasting cycles doing routine maintenance on it;
> wasting allyesconfig build time on validating it, wasting I/O on
> git grep'ping over it, and so on.

So what actual problems has it had that are causing these issues. I'm
still listed as MCA maintainer and I haven't seen any. As far as I
thought, it was nice and cleanly separated and builds just fine for me.


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