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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/4] zsmalloc use zs_handle instead of void *
>>> It's not good abstraction.
>> If we want good abstraction, then I don't think 'unsigned long' is
>> either? I mean it will do for the conversion from 'void *'. Perhaps I
>> am being a bit optimistic here - and I am trying to jam in this
>> 'struct zs_handle' in all cases but in reality it needs a more
>> iterative process. So first do 'void *' -> 'unsigned long', and then
>> later on if we can come up with something more nicely that abstracts
>> - then use that?

>>> No. What I want is to remove coupling zsallocator's handle with zram/zcache.
>>> They shouldn't know internal of handle and assume it's a pointer.
>> I concur. And hence I was thinking that the 'struct zs_handle *'
>> pointer would work.
> Do you really hate "unsigned long" as handle?
>> Well, everything changes over time  so putting a stick in the ground
>> and saying 'this must
>> be this way' is not really the best way.
> Hmm, agree on your above statement but I can't imagine better idea.

OK. Lets go with unsigned long. I can prep a patch next week when I am
back from vacation unless somebody beats me to it.
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