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    SubjectRE: [PATCH v22] edac, ras/hw_event.h: use events to handle hw issues
    >> +	TP_printk(HW_ERR "mce#%d: %s error %s on memory stick \"%s\" (%s %s %s)",
    > This still says "mce" and it should say "MC" or "mem_ctl" or similar.

    I'm trying to look at how this will look to an end user who is not intimately
    acquainted with the internals of how memory subsystems work.

    Whether the string starts with "mce" or "MC" or whatever ... what will the
    user do with the mc_index that is printed with that first %d? I don't think
    it helps them find the DIMM when they open the box. I suppose it is useful
    if there are multiple messages ... and they see that the same memory controller
    is mentioned in each. But I almost think it belongs inside the parentheses at
    the end as the "low level details that most users won't need to care about.

    Next %s is "Corrected" or "Fatal" or "Uncorrected" ... that's good.

    What are the options for the next "%s" (msg)?

    "memory stick"?? I suppose "DIMM" is a bit implementation dependent (SIMMs
    are long gone ... but perhaps there will be some new acronym for stacked
    memory ... STIMS :-) )

    Then label (from SMBIOS) ... then the internal details. Good.

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