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SubjectRe: [PULL] cpumask: finally make them variable size w/ CPUMASK_OFFSTACK.

* Rusty Russell <> wrote:

> Mainly because I didn't want to disturb the archs which don't
> care at all about large cpumasks. After all, putting a struct
> cpumask on the stack is pretty convenient.


> But we could add a new arch config which removes it, and set
> it from x86.

Could we just use a single cpumask type, cpumask_t or so, which
would be the *only* generic method to use cpumasks?

(Current cpumask_t would move to cpumask_full_t.)

This would be the 'final' destiation for the cpumask code: the
natural type to use in new code is cpumask_t, while in special
cases we could use cpumask_full_t - but the name signals that
it's a potentially large structure.

On architectures that don't worry about large cpumasks (yet ...)
cpumask_t and cpumask_full_t maps to the same thing, so there's
no difference.

This would make things more natural IMO.

There would be no 'struct cpumask'. (and 'cpumask_var_t' would
disappear too due to the rename.)



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