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    SubjectMaximal opensource licence.
    Maximal opensource licence.

    Hello. After a recent discussion with Dr. Stallman, I have decided to
    write a licence, carrying the ideas, I see as being formed in the
    opensource movement. Without Gnus, which are good for burgers, and strange
    slogans, neccesitated by poor statements. Such and free libre beer, or

    It is very simple, and one presumes people have sense, and understand it
    in that context.

    This program, plugin, or function is licenced under the Maximal Opensource
    That means that it`s source should always stay open source. And any
    changes must be available with the branches. And its derivatives can never
    in anyway be released as closed source.

    Authorship can be included, but it is not neccesary. A list of changes by
    author is though recommended.

    Which is the licence itself.

    I would like to hear your opinions on this. Please no GNU-sect hurt

    Also, if some evaluate this licence on a religious background, please know
    that I am a muslim, and believer in The Quran. Not part of any
    hadithist-sect (osama etc), but consider our democracy good, and work for
    conservative politics, and religious interpretations, with a central
    human-centric view based in Quran 30:30. And also considering Islam,
    universal monotheism, which all true religions of the world originally are.

    Peace Be With You,
    Uwaysi Bin Kareem.

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