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SubjectRe: [now bisected] Weird bluetooth keyboard regression - just me?
On Tue, 1 May 2012 18:19:01 +0100
Matthew Garrett <> wrote:

> On its own, this should do precisely nothing.

Nonetheless, at the previous patch
(0846e7e9856c0928223447d9349a877202a63f24, usb: Add support for indicating
whether a port is removable) things work. With this one, they don't.

> What userspace are you
> running, and what does the removable node in the sysfs entry for the
> dongle's USB device say?

It's Rawhide, updated yesterday. "Removable" says "fixed".

FWIW, power/runtime_status reads "suspended" most of the time. By banging
on the keyboard I can get it to "active", but it goes back to "suspended"
even with continuous activity. Weirdly, the keyboard continues to work if
I keep hitting keys.


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