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    SubjectRe: + syscalls-x86-add-__nr_kcmp-syscall-v8.patch added to -mm tree
    On 04/09/2012 03:24 PM, Cyrill Gorcunov wrote:
    >> Having re-read most of the (enormous) email discussion on the kcmp()
    >> syscall patch, I'm thinking:
    >> - Nobody seems to understand the obfuscation logic. Jon sounded
    >> confused, Oleg sounds confused and it's rather unclear what it does,
    >> how it does it and why it does it.
    > The obfuscation logic was done with great help from hpa@. And the main
    > idea was to have ordered results after obfuscation. Per-type noise increase
    > randomization of results. So Andrew, I actually dont know what to add
    > here. We don't want to provide kernel order back to user-space in
    > naked manner.

    The obfuscation logic is to provide a 1:1 mapping but which doesn't
    preserve ordering, thereby avoid leaking information of kernel pointers
    to user space.


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