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SubjectRE: [PATCH v5] ramoops: use pstore interface
> The patch breaks ramoops module unloading.  Tony says there's "no
> credible end-user case" for this and Marco promptly provided one,
> which was ignored.

I'm not sure that I understood Marco's use case. He said:

> First of all ramoops was born mainly for debug purpose and
> to help the maintainability of a product. I used it in systems
> where the uptime (so no reboot) was important. So it can be
> very useful for me load the module, gather logs and unload it
> for example. A kernel panic is not recoverable so the reboot
> is needed but it's not always true for a kernel oops.

In the non-crashed oops case ... aren't all the logs you need
in /var/log/messages?


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