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Subjectreboot via bios on X86_64?
[cc'd to maintainers of reboot.c]

Re. the kernel (currently used in Debian stable), and this
seems to apply to
later ones as well:

The reboot code in arch/x86/kernel/reboot.c provides for rebooting
through the bios
by either a kernel option of "reboot=bios" or as automatically invoked
by quite
a few of the quirks case statements.

But... reboot=bios is enabled only when configured for 32-bit mode -
which just bit me
when I moved from a 32bit kernel to a 64bit one on an old P4 box, which
hangs on
reboot for all reboot options except reboot=bios when running in 32 bit

Which leads to two questions:

1. What's the logic behind this? Why not enable a bios reboot for 64bit
kernels? Is there any reason why the machine_real_restart code wouldn't
work just as well in 64bit mode? Anybody know the history?

2. Anybody know a workaround, short of patching and compiling a custom
kernel? Are there other paths through the reboot code that can invoke a
reboot? [Note: someone suggested trying a kexec-reboot, but that's also
not supported on my configuration (running over a Xen hypervisor).]

Thank you very much,

Miles Fidelman

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.
In practice, there is. .... Yogi Berra

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