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    SubjectRe: RFC: deprecating/removing the legacy mode of devpts
    H. Peter Anvin wrote:
    > Currently, devpts supports a legacy mode where only one instance exists.
    > For backwards compatibility, this is also the default mode, but the
    > right thing should be to migrate everyone over to the "newinstance" scheme.
    > However, it is increasingly clear that that is not happening; neither
    > the distros nor udev support this by default at this point.
    > I think it might be time we set a sunset date for the legacy mode,
    > probably around kernel 3.9 at this point.
    > The big change is that /dev/ptmx instead of being a device node should
    > be a symlink to /dev/pts/ptmx, which is then either chmodded to the
    > proper permissions, or given proper permissions via the ptmxmode mount
    > options to devpts. The latter is probably preferable from a technical
    > point of view since it doesn't create a "gap".
    > As such, I would like to suggest the following:
    > 1. For 3.5, add this to feature-removal.txt.
    > 2. For 3.6, remove CONFIG_DEVPTS_MULTIPLE_INSTANCES as a configuration
    > option, and printk a warning if devpts is mounted without the
    > "newinstance" option.
    > 3. For 3.9 remove the legacy support including support for a ptmx node
    > outside the devpts filesystem.
    > -hpa

    I think we should give the way to test compatibility as early as possible, so:
    2'. For 3.6 add CONFIG_DEVPTS_LEGACY_INSTANCE =y by default, if it =n:
    always create new instance (ignore "newinstance") and remove "ptmx" from sysfs.

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