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SubjectRe: [REGRESSION][PATCH V4 3/3] bpf jit: Let the powerpc jit handle negative offsets
Benjamin Herrenschmidt schrieb:
> On Tue, 2012-05-01 at 00:32 +0200, Jan Seiffert wrote:
>> *shudder*
>> Link to another lib for only one function because....
>> The "Original" says it's an u_int.
>> But i guess it is unfixable without breaking something, except with ugly code.
>> Should the padding at least be made explicit in the in-kernel struct?
>> Did anyone ever tested the 32bit on 64bit compat code (different padding)?
> Haven't tested no. A quick google pointed to 2 web pages telling people
> to do the wrong thing and 4 broken programs out there, interestingly in
> different ways :-) (somebody's doing a reinterpret_cast of one struct
> into another, somebody does his/her own local redefinition of the
> struct ... using a ulong !, etc....)


> I don't see a good way to sort that out other than introducing a new
> kernel-side structure, change the sockopt number, and support the old
> one as backward binary compat, but that's gross.

But a sane way forward?

BTW, has anyone checked the new syscall filter code for these ... misfortunes?
I mean before the ABI is set in stone...

> Cheers,
> Ben.


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