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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/3] hid: Enable report fixup on rebind
Hi Nikolai,

> >>The first two patches are bug fixes found in the process. I am hoping
> >>for some test feedback on those. The third patch is the main one.
> I've tested the last patch and it seems to work as required. I did a series
> of generic<->specific driver rebindings both ways in a loop and it works.
> So,
> Tested-by: Nikolai Kondrashov <>

Great, thanks!

> I'm not sure, though, if one thing works as it should: the quirks are not
> reset when changing the driver. So, quirks set by one driver may affect
> behavior of another. I don't understand full quirks usage and ownership yet,
> so can't argue if this is right or wrong.

The common quirks are a device property, so this is fine. There are
some drivers with quirks too, but they handle those themselves.

> Regarding the code, could it be the time to fix naming of report
> descriptor-handling functions to improve distinction from report-handling
> ones? I'm attaching a patch applying on top of Henrik's changes which should
> illustrate the proposal.

The changes you propose force changes to out-of-tree-drivers, without
any obvious benefit. Also, there is already a large set of patches on
review based on this one. So although I agree that some renames and
movements could clarify things, the content and timing will need some
more thought.


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