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SubjectRe: [PATCH] pci: Add quirk for still enabled interrupts on Intel Sandy Bridge GPUs
On Wednesday, 7. December 2011 22:08:11 Thomas Jarosch wrote:
> Some BIOS implementations leave the Intel GPU interrupts enabled,
> even though no one is handling them (f.e. i915 driver is never loaded).
> Additionally the interrupt destination is not set up properly
> and the interrupt ends up -somewhere-.
> These spurious interrupts are "sticky" and the kernel disables
> the (shared) interrupt line after 100.000+ generated interrupts.

Just a small heads up: Boards with the new Intel Ivy bridge chipset
are affected, too. Currently known to be affected is

Intel Desktop Board DH77EB

Would be nice if Intel fixes the shared BIOS code...

Thanks to Drew Weaver for reporting the issue. I currently
don't have time to prepare another quirk.

Best regards
Thomas Jarosch

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