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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/3] i2c-s3c2410: Add HDMIPHY quirk for S3C2440
On 23.04.2012 12:01, Wolfram Sang wrote:

> Hi Karol,
>> Tomasz had similar doubts when I've posted patch that checked these
>> quirks only for S3C2440:
>> Thus, I've chosen properties and not separate type.
> I understand this reasoning. I still differ, though. Think about my
> above example about things getting worse. Then, you'd need another
> quirk-property for $FLAW. Later, $FLAW is still there, but the timeout
> issue was fixed. That would mean, the poor device-tree making person has
> to know which quirks to select for this version of the controller. Just
> specifying that it is the HDMI-phy and not a regular I2C controller is
> much more convenient, and the driver will figure the rest.


>> It's easy to introduce compat string (see below), but given above
>> I'm afraid that we might end up adding -hdmiphy- variant for every
>> new version of i2c controller.
> I'd be fine with that, given that the upcoming hdmiphy versions will not
> need all the same set of quirk-flags. I think we want that "quirk lookup
> table" fixed in the driver and not encoded in the device tree where
> people could get it wrong. Also, the quirks are nothing a board maker
> can select from; it is implicit as soons as you want the HDMIPHY on that
> SoC, thus the compatible-entry should be enough of a description.

Fair point, from integrator/board maker POV this makes much more sense.

> I am not the ultimate expert about bindings, though, and am open for
> corrections (I feel kinda confident on this issue, though ;))

I'm quite happy with doing it the way you just described.

I'll resend whole patchset in a minute.

Karol Lewandowski | Samsung Poland R&D Center | Linux/Platform

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