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Subject[PATCH v2 0/4] do not use s_dirt in ext4
This patch-set makes ext4 independent of the VFS superblock management
services. Namely, ext4 does not require to register the 'write_super()' VFS

The reason of this exercises is to get rid of the 'sync_supers()' kernel thread
which wakes up every 5 seconds (by default) even if all superblocks are clean.
This is wasteful from power management POW (unnecessary wake-ups).

Version 1 of this patch-set can be found here:

Changes between v1 and v2.
* Rake different strategy - instead of pushing 's_dirt' down "as-is" and
emulating old behavior, we now just submit the superblock for writing
straight away, either via the journal or directly. Thank to Jan Kara
for helping with this.
* Ted picked some of the patches already, which made this series shorter
- thanks!
* This time I've tested the changes using xfstests.
* Rebased to 3.4-rc1.

Note: Ted, you merged the "mm: export dirty_writeback_interval", but it looks
like we won't need this for ext[23]. However, for other file-systems we will
need this change.


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