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    SubjectLinux Support for Thunderbolt using Apple Monitor

    I've dived through some forums and news articles, grep'ed through
    the kernel source tree, but not found a good reference to the current
    state of Thunderbolt support under Linux.

    I'm thinking of connecting a 27" Apple Display to my Mac Book Air 13",
    but some quick testing showed that Xorg does not detect the display
    (no xrandr output).

    Anyone working on this / has an experiemental branch to test /
    sourcecode available?



    P.S.: Linux is pretty stable on the MBA 4,2 nowadays!
    (though Xorg isn't - it crashes from time to time...)

    PGP key: 7ED9 F7D3 6B10 81D7 0EC5 5C09 D7DC C8E4 3187 7DF0

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