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    SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 00/11] firewire-sbp-target: FireWire SBP-2 SCSI target
    On 14/04/2012 02:23, Nicholas A. Bellinger wrote:
    >>> This looks to me like a reasonable candidate for a v3.5 mainline merge,
    >>> so we need to go ahead and get this into target-pending.. Also, thanks
    >>> for getting Stefan's ACK's here on the drivers/firmware/ specific
    >>> changes..
    >>> So for new fabric drivers (as discused with Sebastian and usb-gadget
    >>> recently) that the target team has been enforcing that new fabric
    >>> modules convert to use a single source / header file for readability and
    >>> maintainability purposes.
    >>> It would be great if you can publish one more branch (no need to re-post
    >>> the full diff) that takes your patch-v3 down to a single .c/.h file.
    >>> Otherwise, I'm fine to take the 15 minutes to do this conversion ahead
    >>> of dropping into target-pending for the sunday night linux-next build.
    >> I'll get onto it over the weekend, I hope. I assume in this case I just
    >> stick it all in drivers/target/ instead of having a sbp/ directory
    >> underneath that?
    > I was eager to see this change, so I decided to go ahead and do the
    > mechanical conversion myself in the following branch:
    > git:// sbp-merge
    > As mentioned, it converts drivers/target/sbp/ to use a single sbp_target.[c,h]
    > source/header file following mainline convention for new target fabric
    > drivers. Also make as many functions as possible statically defined and
    > add inline prototypes where necessary.
    > This patch also renames the sbp-target config entry from:
    > and also renames the final generated module name from:
    > fireware-sbp-target.ko -> sbp_target.ko


    I only just noticed this, but it looks like your merge lost my changed
    to the MAINTAINERS file. Want me to send a fixup patch?


    Chris Boot

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