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    SubjectRe: via-rhine: Problem with lost link after a while
    Bjarke Istrup Pedersen <> :
    > I've been testing v3.4-rc2 with this patch applied for the past few
    > days, with alot of trafic across, both incoming and outgoing, with VPN
    > which is normally what can trigger problems, and it seems rock solid
    > :o)


    > Do you need me to do any specific testing of this patch?

    See below.

    Changes of behavior should be reported for this patch over plain 3.4-rc2 or
    current 3.3-stable as both include Andreas's fix.

    Otherwise it can not be labelled it as a fix : it does not go into 3.4-rc
    nor 3.3-stable but proceeds through net-next where it will land into
    3.5-rc then -stable.

    One can not exercize the Tx xmit vs napi Tx completion race part of the
    patch with a single core. Afaiui non-Soekris users are needed here.

    Even if you don't experience change of behavior over 3.4-rc or 3.3-stable,
    some longterm use of this driver would be welcome. It may end as an effort
    for 3.5-rc though.


    Will code drivers for food.

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