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    SubjectRe: [PATCH V4 1/3] x86: introduce CONFIG_X86_DEV_DMA_OPS
    On 04/12/2012 01:15 PM, Alessandro Rubini wrote:
    > The current approach is using swiotlb and it works pretty well, though
    > with a limit of 4MB of swiotlb area. I've been considering use of the
    > DMA zone to this aim: internally I have some half-working thing that
    > resuses the ISA DMA zone for our own aims, raising the DMA limit to
    > 512MB.
    > Do you think the approach may make sense? I use this basic
    > thing in Kconfig, to rely on GFP_DMA for the rest:
    > config MAX_DMA_PADDR
    > int
    > default 536870912 if MAX_DMA_PADDR_512M
    > default 16777216
    > config MAX_DMA_PADDR_512M
    > bool
    > (actually, we'd benefit from being able to use hex in defaults)
    > Is this worth exploring, to possibly submit a patch in this direction?

    Not as a compile-time patch.


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