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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/13] common clk framework misc fixes
On Thursday 12 April 2012, Mike Turquette wrote:
> This series collects many of the fixes posted for the recently merged
> common clock framework as well as some general clean-up. Most of the
> code classifies as a clean-up moreso than a bug fix; hopefully this is
> not a problem since the common clk framework is new code pulled for 3.4.
> Patches are based on v3.4-rc2 and can be pulled from:
> git:// v3.4-rc2-clk-fixes
> Please let me know I missed any critical fixes that were posted to the
> list already.
> Arnd & Olof, if there are no objections to these changes can this get
> pulled through the arm-soc tree?

I think pulling it in through the arm-soc tree is still ok, but it's
borderline because of the size and patch 13 is probably too big,
in addition to the comments that were made there.

Let's pull patches 1 through 12 in to a separate series that we don't
mix with the other bug fixes. Mike, please send a pull request with the
Acks added in.


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