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SubjectRE: 3.4-rc2, ilwagn still most of the time completely unusable
Hi Norbert,

Sorry about the annoyance it is causing you...but let's see if we can solve the problems you're seeing.

>I already have reported that with 3.3-wl there are hundreds and thousands of
> delba from 00:0a:79:eb:56:10 (initiator) tid 0 reason code 39
> Rx BA session stop requested for ...
>*IF* it is connected.

[MV] This is actually printed by mac80211 when it stops a block ack session; which can happen with bursty traffic. It's not an error per se. You'll see this message if you have debugging enabled for mac80211, specifically CONFIG_MAC80211_HT_DEBUG. Perhaps you could reduce the debugging information you print out for mac80211?

>On the contrary, it sometimes not even connects, after reloading the module,
>retrying many times, today my log was smarmed with messages:
> [ 9457.156030] wlan0: authentication with 00:24:c4:ab:bd:e0 timed out
> [ 9457.176828] iwlwifi 0000:06:00.0: ACTIVATE a non DRIVER active
>station id 0 addr 00:24:c4:ab:bd:e0

[MV] this could potentially be a problem with our driver. I would like some logs to figure out what happened here. Can you send me a detailed dmesg log with debug=0xFFFFFFFF? Thanks. :-)

>But I want to report *SOME* progress: Formerly I had *BIG* problems with
>my home network (some strange Corega WL router AFAIR, Japanese only, but
>it was working without a click before 2.6.38 or 39 or so).
>Now, when I *DISABLE* 11n (11n_disable=1) then all the problems are gone
>*AT*HOME*, no warnings anymore, no complains, no hickups.
>On the university it is still a pain.

[MV] Any idea how 11n is performing with 3.4-rc2 on your home network? Are you seeing the same problems as before?


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