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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] mmc: remove linux/blkdev.h include from host drivers
    Hi Sascha, Wolfram,

    On Tue, Apr 10 2012, Dmitry Artamonow wrote:
    > I've compile tested everything with and without CONFIG_BLOCK enabled,
    > except for imxmmc.c - this driver seems to be long time broken
    > (at least since the removal of mach-imx in 2.6.31 - see commit
    > 1341d34ffc296f98dc84876f35f3151525dc02a2 )

    I can confirm that it no longer builds:

    /home/cjb/git/mmc/drivers/mmc/host/imxmmc.c:32:26: fatal error: mach/imx-dma.h: No such file or directory

    Should imxmmc simply be removed from drivers/mmc/host? Do any of the
    more current i.MX MMC drivers support the same hardware?


    - Chris.
    Chris Ball <> <>
    One Laptop Per Child

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