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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Extend core dump note section to contain file names of mapped files
On 04/01, Andi Kleen wrote:
> > I propose to save this information in core dump, as a new note
> > in note segment.
> Seems like a good idea but rather than write complicated code

I agree, I feel it can be simplified...

> i would just reuse
> the /proc/*/maps code and dump it in that format?

I must have missed something. Do you really suggest to use

If nothing else, this code depends on CONFIG_PROC_FS. But in any
case I think this will only complicate fill_files_note().

coredump is "simple", we are the last thread which can play with
this ->mm. We do not need locks, we do not need the "restart after
we dropped mmap_sem" logic. We know that the task_struct can't go
away. The only problem is rename, that is why we can't allocate the
whole buffer beforehand.

OK, I must have missed something ;)


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