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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/11] Fix up more asm/system.h fallout
Hi Paul,

On Sun, 1 Apr 2012 16:38:36 -0400 Paul Gortmaker <> wrote:
> Like others, I was surprised it didn't get a soak in linux-next
> before being merged, but I guess what is done is done, so lets
> try and limit the fallout from having any wider of a commit range
> than it already does.
> It is all system.h stuff except for three things.
> 1) an avr32 patch I'd created but the avr32 guys hadn't got
> signed keys yet, so I might as well get it in here along
> with other similar build fail fixes (the atmel one).
> 2) A cosmetic fix to the device.h changeset from me earlier.
> 3) A trivial warning fix to an arch/frv specific file.
> I'm going to queue this up in my feed branch to linux-next
> so we can start reducing the number of build failures from what
> we had on Friday.

Thanks for all this. Please feed them to Linus as soon as sensible i.e.
after you get some feedback from the affected arch maintainers etc.
Maybe you should repost some of these with more cc's on them.

I look forward to less blood on the ground in today's linux-next
builds :-)
Stephen Rothwell
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