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SubjectRe: pull request: wireless 2012-03-30
From: "John W. Linville" <>
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2012 13:55:34 -0400

> I have a few more small fixes, hopefully still in time for 3.4-rc1...
> Rajkukmar provides us with a one-line timestamp correction related to
> scanning in mac80211. Sujith gives us a small fixup for a regression
> in the handling of HT capability bits for ath9k. Stanislav Yakovlev
> is stepping-up as maintainer for the ipw2x00 drivers, so we'll add
> him to MAINTAINERS. Stanislav also gives us a fix for a thinko
> that registers the wrong band information for ipw2200 and 802.11a.
> Finally, Santosh Nayak adds some simple error checking to orinoco to
> avoid some potential NULL pointer dereferences.

Pulled, thanks John.

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