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SubjectRe: [ 17/68] regset: Return -EFAULT, not -EIO, on host-side memory fault
Greg KH wrote:

> 3.0-stable review patch. If anyone has any objections, please let me know.
> ------------------
> From: "H. Peter Anvin" <>
> commit 5189fa19a4b2b4c3bec37c3a019d446148827717 upstream.
> There is only one error code to return for a bad user-space buffer
> pointer passed to a system call in the same address space as the
> system call is executed, and that is EFAULT.

I don't think this has the potential to cause regressions, and it
certainly makes things saner, so from that point of view it looks
good. But I am still wondering how it matches the following

- It must fix a problem that causes a build error (but not for things
marked CONFIG_BROKEN), an oops, a hang, data corruption, a real
security issue, or some "oh, that's not good" issue. In short, something

Can someone enlighten me?

Part of the reason I am asking is to figure out whether the patch
ought to be applied to 2.6.32.y, too.


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