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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH 00/29] Disintegrate and kill asm/system.h
Paul Gortmaker <> wrote:

> You'll want to be grabbing some of these to close the gaps then:
> They have been a great help to me.

I have more toolchains available to me than are available there.

I managed to build binutils for every arch apart from unicore32 (and hexagon
and c6x which weren't upstream at the time).

Of those for which I have binutils, I couldn't manage to build gcc for avr32,
ia64, microblaze and openrisc. I'm not sure whether I need a special compiler
for sh64, but it doesn't seem so.

Hopefully at some point they'll become RPMs in Fedora. I just need to kick
David Woodhouse a bit to finish the review.


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