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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH 00/29] Disintegrate and kill asm/system.h
On Wednesday 07 March 2012, David Howells wrote:
> Here are a bunch of patches to disintegrate asm/system.h into a set of separate
> bits to relieve the problem of circular inclusion dependencies.
> The reason for this is that I recently encountered a circular dependency
> problem that came about when I produced some patches to optimise get_order() by
> rewriting it to use ilog2(). This uses bitops - and on the SH arch
> asm/bitops.h drags in asm-generic/get_order.h by a circuituous route involving
> asm/system.h.
> The main difficulty seems to be asm/system.h. It holds a number of low level
> bits with no/few dependencies that are commonly used (eg. memory barriers) and
> a number of bits with more dependencies that aren't used in many places
> (eg. switch_to()).

Excellent series!

One part you were missing seems to be include/asm-generic/system.h, which is used
on openrisc and contains a lot of the things you move to other places. It
would be helpful to split that up as well.

>These patches break asm/system.h up into the following core pieces:
> (1) asm/barrier.h
> Move memory barriers here. This already done for MIPS and Alpha.
> (2) asm/switch_to.h
> Move switch_to() and related stuff here.
> (3) asm/exec.h
> Move arch_align_stack() here. Other process execution related bits
> could perhaps go here from asm/processor.h.
> (4) asm/atomic.h
> Move xchg() and cmpxchg() here as they're full word atomic ops and
> frequently used by atomic_xchg() and atomic_cmpxchg().

Well, the thing with xchg and cmpxchg is that they operate on arbirary-sized
integers, not atomic_t, unlike everything else in atomic.h.

Some architectures already have an asm/cmpxchg.h, which seems more appropriate

> (5) asm/bug.h
> Move die() and related bits.
> (6) asm/auxvec.h

These two look suboptimal, but I don't have a better idea either.

> These patches are somewhat inside-out. They start by removing all the
> inclusions of asm/system.h and then patching up the core files to include the
> right headers and then patching up each arch. Whilst that's the easiest for
> actually performing this task (as I can use the compiler to find breakages more
> easily), it does mean that the patchset is not bisectable as all arches will be
> broken for a greater or lesser span.
> I'm not sure what's the best way to get around that. Possibly by rearranging
> things so each arch's asm/system.h is split up, leaving just a file with a
> bunch of #includes - and then delete them all later. That might not work,
> however, as it may lead to circular deps until asm/system.h is no longer used.

How about adding a '-include asm/system.h' gcc switch for each architecture
in one patch in the beginning, so that the header becomes included all the
time, but then remove that for each arch you go through?


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