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SubjectRe: Pre-merge-window status of the arm-soc tree
On Tuesday, March 06, 2012, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> This is a summary of what we have today in the arm-soc tree, queued up for
> v3.4, as I expect the merge window to open soon. We currently have exactly
> 50 topic branches merged into the for-next tree, with a total of 331
> non-merge changesets. There are a few more pull requests outstanding for
> the pxa and exynos platforms.
> About half the patches are cleanups and device tree conversion, which
> is a good indication that we're making progress there. There also seems
> to be an increased interest in ARMv5 and earlier platforms (pxa, at91,
> omap1, kirkwood, lpc32xx, sa1100), some of which are now moving over
> to device tree probing (at91 rapidly, in fact).
> Top contributors so far are:
> 27 Nicolas Ferre
> 25 Stephen Warren
> 25 Jean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD
> 20 Peter De Schrijver
> 19 Tony Lindgren
> 17 Ohad Ben-Cohen
> 15 Richard Zhao
> 14 Fabio Estevam
> 10 Benoit Cousson
> 9 Roland Stigge
> A few things have changed since the last merge window:
> * We now have staging branches, to let subarch maintainers get their
> patches into arm-soc early on, without having the actual commits
> being stable yet. Right now the only one there is the kirkwood/dt
> branch from Jason Cooper, but there can be more. These staging
> branches will not be sent to Linus during the merge window,
> the idea is that they get replaced with a final version that gets
> merged into one of the next/* topic branches.
> * Russell now has a branch that contains patches from his tree that
> directly impact stuff in arm-soc. We had a lot of nasty conflicts
> the last time around, which resulted in some of the patches from
> arm-soc not making it in during the merge window. Pulling the
> rmk/for-armsoc branch into arm-soc hopefully lets us avoid this
> situation in the future because we will fix the conflicts much
> earlier.
> * I have taken the rpmsg branch from Ohad Ben-Cohen into arm-soc.
> While this is not strictly what arm-soc is for, a lot of us are
> waiting for the branch to get in, and we hope that Linus will take
> it from us, while he was cautious the last time when Ohad was sending
> it as a new subsystem himself. Merging new subsystems through arm-soc
> should not become the norm, but we can do it when it's really needed.
> * There is some renewed interest in fixing 'make randconfig'. I
> worked on this quite a bit last year but then didn't have the
> energy to get all the patches integrated besides doing the
> amr-soc maintainance. Russell has gotten more serious about it now,
> and a few other people are helping out getting my original patches
> integrated. If all goes well, we will soon get to the point where
> we can use randconfig builds for automated regression testing and
> just refuse to take pull requests into arm-soc if they break builds.
> We are mostly converging on a set of topic branches that work for
> all platforms, right now we have:
> fixes bug fixes for 3.3
> next/fixes-non-critical bug fixes for 3.4
> next/maintainers updates to MAINTAINERS file
> next/cleanup any global cleanups
> next/soc soc-wide changes
> next/drivers driver related changes
> next/cleanup2 cleanups depending on the former
> next/dt device-tree related changes
> next/boards board-specific changes
> next/soc2 soc-wide changes with other dependencies
> next/rpmsg remoteproc and rpmsg
> staging/* anything that is not quite ready
> We can always add more if needed, just be careful not to introduce
> any circular dependencies. E.g. today the next/dt branch depends on
> patches in the next/drivers branch, so if you want to have other
> conflicting patches in both branches, make sure that we can resolve
> the branches in a way that lets the driver stuff come first. You will
> find a list of the dependencies in the linux-next tree or in
> arm-soc/for-next in the arch/arm/arm-soc-for-next-contents.txt file.
> The overall changes today are
> $ git diff for-next --dirstat=1
> 1.4% Documentation/devicetree/bindings/arm/
> 4.1% Documentation/
> 6.2% arch/arm/boot/dts/
> 7.6% arch/arm/mach-at91/include/mach/
> 15.6% arch/arm/mach-at91/
> 1.9% arch/arm/mach-davinci/
> 5.6% arch/arm/mach-imx/
> 2.2% arch/arm/mach-mxs/
> 1.3% arch/arm/mach-omap1/
> 3.0% arch/arm/mach-omap2/
> 1.0% arch/arm/mach-tegra/include/mach/
> 17.0% arch/arm/mach-tegra/
> 3.9% arch/arm/mach-ux500/
> 2.2% arch/arm/mach-vexpress/
> 1.9% arch/arm/plat-omap/include/plat/
> 5.4% arch/arm/
> 8.0% drivers/remoteproc/
> 3.6% drivers/rpmsg/
> 1.2% drivers/rtc/
> 2.8% drivers/
> 2.7% include/linux/
> Notably absent here are still mach-msm and mach-shmobile and some
> platforms have more patches pending.

I'm going to have a pull request for mach-shmobile ready, hopefully on


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