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Subjectmulti-second application stall in open()
I am trying to diagnose a stall in an application when making a call
to open() with O_TRUNC. The issue was originally seen on 2.6.38 and
I've since reproduced on 2.6.35. I believe the last kernel that I did
not see the stall was 2.6.32. The system is under low to moderate cpu
and memory load when the issue occurs. The filesystem is ext2, but I
mounted it as ext4 and still saw the issue.

To me it appears the O_TRUNC needs to truncate pages in the page
cache, but maybe those are already out for writeback? This causes the
open() to wait until that operation completes at which time it is then
able to proceed. If that's true then it looks like the writeback is
sitting on the queue forever waiting (tens of seconds) to be
dispatched to the device.

Here's some more info/data I collected:
(Unfortunately the data here and attached are from separate runs so
the #s will not match up file to file.)

Snippet of an strace when it is hanging:
1329323286.589182 close(37) = 0 <0.000010>
1329323286.589212 clock_gettime(0x5 /* CLOCK_??? */, {1329323286,
587579583}) = 0 <0.000007>
1329323286.589241 open("/usr/local/etc/abcd/known/test808",
O_WRONLY|O_CREAT|O_TRUNC, 0644) = 37 <76.841586>
1329323363.441841 fchmod(37, 0644) = 0 <0.000012>
1329323363.441882 fcntl64(37, F_GETFL) = 0x1 (flags O_WRONLY) <0.000011>
1329323363.441915 fcntl64(37, F_SETFL, O_WRONLY|O_NONBLOCK) = 0 <0.000010>

To debug this more I enabled the hang check timer to dump stack when
anything hung for longer than 10s. There I see the the hanging
application appearing to be stuck in sync_page(). See attached dmesg
for traces.

I've also captured "iostat -xm 1" while the application was running
and have attached a snippet of that when the problem is occurring. I
see 100% utilization for many seconds and then eventually the
operations complete, but the await time is extremely high. To me there
doesn't look like much IO going on which could be starving out any

I have not been able to perform a full bisection to better understand
what may be causing this, but do see this on 2.6.38, a little less
frequently but still occurs on 2.6.35, and no longer see the issue on
2.6.32. If I switch slice_idle to 0 or change to the deadline
scheduler the issue appears to go away in both 2.6.35 and 38.

I've also attached the "blkparse -t" output a few seconds before and
after the issue occurs, and the avg file from the output of "btt -i
... -o bp.log"

Please let me know if any other data would be helpful.
I would appreciate any help in better understanding this issue and
what may be causing it.

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