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SubjectRe: [RFC] Sort inclusive
On 3/5/12 10:57 PM, Ingo Molnar wrote:

> Btw., assuming that you are profiling user-space applications
> via call-chains, how do you deal with the lack of dwarf decoding
> done by perf, in particular on 64-bit x86 systems where most
> distros don't compile call-chains into libraries and
> application? In what practical situations does that limitation
> hinder you and what do you do about it - rebuild your apps with
> frame pointers included?

Yes - we're rebuilding everything with frame pointers so we could get
callchains. While this works for C/C++, I'm not convinced that we have a
good solution for JITs where there may be multiple stacks (eg: one each
for interpreted and JIT code), and the kernel may not be able to unwind
without dwarf decoding. For now, we're going with the /tmp/perf-$pid.txt
based solution for JITs.

I'll post a new patch with the code refactored into smaller functions.


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