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Subject[patch 0/5] Autohandling of multitouch devices through hid-multitouch
Hi Guys,

In this patch series, I introduce 1 trivial patch plus 4 patches that need review I think:
- the first is trivial (I missed it this morning, sorry)
- the second fixes a problem detected with LG panels. The detection of the end of the
report was not accurate, and needed to be rewritten. I'm worried about it because I got
warnings under Ubuntu for this patch (-Warray-bounds) whereas I don't get any warnings
under Fedora.
- the third should not be a problem as it relies on the presence of the QUIRK_MULTITOUCH
and will impact only unknown devices.
- the fourth worries me more. I introduce changes in hid_device, and I'd like to have your opinion.
- Then, the last one allows us to be compliant with Microsoft's description for Win 7 devices.


PS: Thanks Henrik and Jiri for the series of this morning.

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