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SubjectRe: [RFC] Sort inclusive

* Arun Sharma <> wrote:

> Some of our users have been asking for the ability to sort
> samples by inclusive time (time spent in the function + all of
> the callees in the callgraph).

If this feature gets mature enough I'd even suggest that we make
this the default output mode.

( Sidenote: the patched perf_evsel__add_hist_entry() function
seems a tad large now, it might make sense to factor out one
or two helper inline functions from it and thus clean up the
flow all around. )

Btw., assuming that you are profiling user-space applications
via call-chains, how do you deal with the lack of dwarf decoding
done by perf, in particular on 64-bit x86 systems where most
distros don't compile call-chains into libraries and
application? In what practical situations does that limitation
hinder you and what do you do about it - rebuild your apps with
frame pointers included?



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