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SubjectRe: [PATCH] perf report: auto-detect branch stack sampling mode

* Arun Sharma <> wrote:

> Something like this seems to do it for me.
> offset = addr - sym->start;
> + len = sym->end - sym->start;
> + if (offset >= len)
> + return 0;
> +

It would be nice to not have such inconsistent sym entries to
begin with - i.e. to filter in the symbol code, not in the GUI
front-end code.

> The other problem area seems to be callchains when using -p
> regexp -x options. I'll try to summarize problems there in a
> separate thread.

Btw., I have a text/regex filtering feature request there going
beyond the issue of parent filtering, I often would love to be
able to filter the sampled function itself:

perf report sched


perf report time


perf report perf

to only see the list of (kernel) functions whose name name
matches those patterns. (and skip all other functions)

Especially when I want to improve the tail portion of the
profile this would be pretty useful. Today I can only do that
with --stdio:

perf report | grep sched

The -S option is too strict, it only allows individual symbols,
no filters. Also, I hate typing '-S' ;-)



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