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Subjectdma-buf feature tree: working model
Hi all,

Since the inclusion of dma-buf buffer sharing framework in 3.3 (thanks
to Dave Airlie primarily), I have been volunteered to be its

Obviously there is a need for some simple rules about the dma-buf
feature tree, so here we are:

- there will be a 'for-next' branch for (N+1), which will open around
-Nrc1, and close about 1-2 weeks before the (N+1)merge opens.

- there will be a 'fixes' branch, which will take fixes after the
for-next pull request is sent upstream.
- after -rc2, regression fixes only.
- after -rc4/5, only revert and disable patches. The real fix should
then be targeted at for-next.

- to stop me from pushing useless stuff, I will merge my own patches
only after sufficient review on our mailing lists. If you see me
breaking this rule, please shout out at me _publicly_ at the top of
your voice.

Being a 'first-time-maintainer', I am very willing to learn
on-the-job, though I might still take cover under the
'first-time-maintainer' umbrella [for sometime :)] for any stupid acts
I might commit.

The tree resides at: git://

At present, the mailing lists are:,,, in
addition to lkml.

Comments, flames and suggestions highly welcome.

(I have been 'influenced' quite a bit from Daniel Vetter's model for
the drm/i915 -next tree [thank you, DanVet!], but any errors/omissions
are entirely mine.)

Thanks and regards,

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