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SubjectRe: [PATCH] scripts: refactor remove structure forward declarations
On Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 4:20 PM, Yang Bai <> wrote:
> Since now it has some problems when generate TAGS,
> refactor this code. Now it will not show the error
> message and will remove declarations using emacs etags.

Seems broke cscope build:

$ make cscope
GEN cscope
sed: can't read cscope: No such file or directory
make: *** [cscope] Error 2

with V=1:

/bin/sh /Sources/linux-2.6/scripts/ cscope
+ ignore='( -name SCCS -o -name BitKeeper -o -name .svn -o
-name CVS -o -name .pc -o -name .hg -o -name .git )
-prune -o'
+ '[' '' = '' ']'
+ tree=
+ '[' '' = '' ']'
+ '[' x86_64 = um ']'
+ remove_structs=
+ case "$1" in
+ docscope
+ echo -k
+ echo -q
+ all_sources
+ find_arch_include_sources x86 '*.[chS]'
++ find arch/x86/ -name include -type d
+ include=arch/x86/include
+ '[' -n arch/x86/include ']'
+ archincludedir=' arch/x86/include'
+ find arch/x86/include '(' -name SCCS -o -name BitKeeper -o -name
.svn -o -name CVS -o -name .pc -o -name .hg -o -name .git ')' -prune
-o -name '*.[chS]' -print
+ '[' '!' -z '' ']'
+ find_include_sources '*.[chS]'
+ find include '(' -name SCCS -o -name BitKeeper -o -name .svn -o
-name CVS -o -name .pc -o -name .hg -o -name .git ')' -prune -o -name
config -prune -o -name '*.[chS]' -print
+ for arch in '$ALLSOURCE_ARCHS'
+ find_sources x86 '*.[chS]'
+ find_arch_sources x86 '*.[chS]'
+ for i in '$archincludedir'
+ prune=' -wholename arch/x86/include -prune -o'
+ find arch/x86 '(' -name SCCS -o -name BitKeeper -o -name .svn -o
-name CVS -o -name .pc -o -name .hg -o -name .git ')' -prune -o
-wholename arch/x86/include -prune -o -name '*.[chS]' -print
+ find_other_sources '*.[chS]'
+ find COPYING CREDITS Documentation Kbuild Kconfig MAINTAINERS
Makefile README REPORTING-BUGS arch block crypto cscope.files
cscope.out cscope.out.po drivers firmware fs include
init ipc kernel lib mm net samples scripts security sound tags tools
usr virt '(' -name SCCS -o -name BitKeeper -o -name .svn -o -name CVS
-o -name .pc -o -name .hg -o -name .git ')' -prune -o '(' -name
include -o -name arch -o -name '.tmp_*' ')' -prune -o -name '*.[chS]'
+ cscope -b -f cscope.out
+ '[' -n ']'
+ sed -i -e '/^\([a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_]*\)\t.*\t\/\^struct
\1;.*\$\/;"\tx$/d' cscope
sed: can't read cscope: No such file or directory
make: *** [cscope] Error 2


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