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SubjectRe: speakup bug
From: Alan Cox
Sent: Saturday, March 03, 2012 11:39 AM
>> Can anyone tell me how to fix this so it can be patched in the official
>> kernel code?
>The proper fix is to make the drivers work via the serial layer properly.

Well, I am not the worlds greatest C programmer but many years ago I wrote
device drivers for a living. Could a reasonably competent person have a
chance of fixing that?

> The speakup people have been told this repeatedly for years and years
> which is why their drivers work on less and less systems and won't run
> with things PCI or USB serial ports, and why they are forever buried in
> staging.

Do you recall if they gave a reason for not wanting to use the serial layer?
I don't even know what the serial layer is (although the name is descriptive
enough and I can guess).But I would think they'd have had some reason for
not wanting to do that.

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