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    Subject[PATCH v3 0/4] tools: Add a toplevel Makefile
    From: Borislav Petkov <>

    Hi all,

    yet another version of the toplevel Makefile integration of tools/.
    This round gives you the ability to build the tools from the toplevel
    Makefile (explanation below can be found also in patch 4/4's commit

    "Now you can do

    $ make tools/<toolname>

    from the toplevel kernel directory and have the respective tool built.

    If you want to build and install it, do

    $ make tools/<toolname> tinstall

    The install target is called "tinstall" so that there's no conflict with
    the main kernel install target and should mean "tool install".

    $ make tools/ <toolname>_clean

    should clean the respective tool directories.

    If you want to clean all in tools, simply do

    $ make tools/ cleanall

    Also, if you want to get what the possible targets are, simply calling

    $ make tools/

    should give you the short help."

    Also included are all suggestions from the last time.



    * v2:

    here's a refreshed version from yesterday incorporating all comments and
    suggestions along with a third patch that adds a 'help' target as the
    default one causing the following below. Btw, Arnaldo, could you please
    pick those up if there are no complaints since the first patch touches
    perf and I don't have a clear idea who else to send it to anyway :).


    $ make
    Possible targets:

    cpupower - a tool for all things x86 CPU power
    firewire - the userspace part of nosy, an IEEE-1394 traffic sniffer
    lguest - a minimal 32-bit x86 hypervisor
    perf - Linux performance measurements tool
    slub - slabs reporting tool
    turbostat - Intel CPU idle stats and freq reporting tool
    usb - USB testing tools
    virtio - vhost test module
    x86_energy_perf_policy - Intel energy policy tool

    Cleaning targets:

    all of the above with the "_clean" string appended cleans
    the respective build directory.
    clean: a summary clean target to clean _all_ folders

    * v1:

    this is a refresh and carve-out of an old patchset. It adds a toplevel
    Makefile to tools/ so that one can build the tool of her/his liking by
    simply doing

    $ cd tools/
    $ make <toolname>

    By default, we build perf. There's also a scripts/Makefile.lib now which
    should contain all make-related generic stuff which can be used by all
    tools' build process after including this file.


    Any comments/suggestions are welcome,

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