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Subject[RFC][PATCH 0/6 v2] reducing page_cgroup size
Hi, here is v2 (still RFC again because I changed many parts.)
I'd like to post v3 without 'RFC' tag after Lsf-MM Summit.

This series is for reducing size of 'struct page_cgroup' to 8 bytes.
v2 contains 6 patches and did clean-ups and fixes race in v1 and
adds a trial to integrate struct page_cgroup into struct page.

each patches are...

1/6 ....add methods to access pc->mem_cgroup
2/6 ....add pc_set_mem_cgroup_and_flags() to set ->mem_cgroup and flags by one call.
3/6 ....add PageCgroupReset() for handling a race.
4/6 ....reduce size of struct page_cgroup by removing ->mem_cgroup
5/6 ....remove unnecessary memory barrier
6/6 ....add CONFIG_INTEGRATED_PAGE_CGROUP to place page_cgroup in struct page.


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