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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] i2c: Dynamically assign adapter id if it wasn't explictly specified
On 22.03.2012 22:47, Wolfram Sang wrote:

>> Dear Haavard, Rade, Wolfram and Russel
>> Could you review following changes for gpio, octeon, pca-platform
>> and versatile i2c controller drivers (for which you are, or were,
>> maintainers)?
>> Grant requested explicit Ack to get this merged.
> ? Since those are I2C patches, I was assuming that I pick them. After the merge
> window, that is. Did I miss something?

That's all fine by me. I just wanted confirmation from respective
maintainers that changes I'm doing are ok for them.

... and it looks changes to i2c-octeon are redundant in light of
the work maintainer has done. I'll drop this part and repost patch

Karol Lewandowski | Samsung Poland R&D Center | Linux/Platform

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