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    SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 1/2] dmaengine: Add context parameter to prep_dma_sg and prep_interleaved_dma
    On 3/26/2012 11:54 AM, Vinod Koul wrote:
    > On Thu, 2012-03-22 at 19:52 +0530, Ravi Kumar V wrote:
    >> Add new context parameter to DMA SG and Interleaveid mode for passing
    > Typo ^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Sorry, we will fix this.

    >> diff --git a/drivers/misc/carma/carma-fpga-program.c b/drivers/misc/carma/carma-fpga-program.c
    >> index a2d25e4..3739a12 100644
    >> --- a/drivers/misc/carma/carma-fpga-program.c
    >> +++ b/drivers/misc/carma/carma-fpga-program.c
    >> @@ -530,7 +530,7 @@ static noinline int fpga_program_dma(struct fpga_dev *priv)
    >> }
    >> /* setup and submit the DMA transaction */
    >> - tx = chan->device->device_prep_dma_sg(chan,
    >> + tx = chan->device->dmaengine_prep_dma_sg(chan,
    >> table.sgl, num_pages,
    >> vb->sglist, vb->sglen, 0);
    > No the idea is that clients will not know anything about additionlay
    > parameter hence avoiding abuse. You need to reread the patches sent by
    > Alexandre.
    > You need to
    > 1) add wrappers over interleaved api which dont expose this additional
    > parameter
    > 2) move existing users to use these wrappers

    Above two steps would be exactly same as - [PATCH 1/2 V2] dmaengine/dma_slave:
    introduce inline wrappers, right?

    > 3) add a new API which has your additional argument (not an opaque
    > object) and this calls .device_xx callback with additional arg.
    > 4. Above can be under conditional of your specific subsystem where these
    > parameters are valid.

    Now, this would be different from what Alexandre had submitted, since he
    had added "void *context" parameter directly to existing callbacks
    dma_slave_sg and and cyclic under struct dma_device.

    And you prefer that we add new callbacks under "struct dma_device" for
    our specific requirement with new name and with that extra non-opaque
    object. After that add wrappers for these two new callbacks say
    dmaengine_prep_dma_sg_ext and dmagengine_prep_interleaved_dma_ext (same
    name goes for callback).

    ---Trilok Soni

    Sent by a consultant of the Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc.
    The Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc. is a member of the Code Aurora Forum.

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