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SubjectTracking regressions for next release(s)

For a long time (dealing with colleagues) we tracking regressions in
stable RC versions of the kernel. Because 3.3 is out, and it is time
thinking about tracking regressions for
next release. I believe that we need to do some summary and decide on
further action.

I am interested in the opinion of the developers, testers, and
everyone involved in the development of the kernel, if they thing that
tracking regressions and monitoring the quality makes sense,
especially since I met several times (put it mildly) dislike of such
work and the bugs are repaired relatively slowly. Perhaps someone has
comments or proposals for change (in the way of work or me).

I care about the opinion, because without the acceptance of the
community work does not make sense. I also do not insist, because I'll
have more time for other tasks such as testing.

Maciej Rutecki

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