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SubjectRe: [RFC] AutoNUMA alpha6
AA> Could you try my two trivial benchmarks I sent on lkml too?

I just got around to running your numa01 test on mainline, autonuma, and
numasched. This is on a 2-socket, 6-cores-per-socket,
2-threads-per-core machine, with your test configured to run 24
threads. I also ran Peter's modified stream_d on all three as well, with
24 instances in parallel. I know it's already been pointed out that it's
not the ideal or end-all benchmark, but I figured it was still
worthwhile to see if the trend continued.

On your numa01 test:

Autonuma is 22% faster than mainline
Numasched is 42% faster than mainline

On Peter's modified stream_d test:

Autonuma is 35% *slower* than mainline
Numasched is 55% faster than mainline

I know that the "real" performance guys here are going to be posting
some numbers from more interesting benchmarks soon, but since nobody
had answered Andrea's question, I figured I'd do it.

Dan Smith
IBM Linux Technology Center

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